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Valentine's Day in Sunset Country

Whether you're wooing a new love or tending to the fires of a long lasting flame, Valentine's Day can often feel challenging to make unique. Chocolates and flowers have been the hallmark gifts of the season, but maybe you're wondering if there's a way you can spice things up this year.

Here are 5 ideas to make Valentine's Day special this year:

Have you heard about our new Day Passes at The Citadel? This might just be the perfect way to spend your Valentine's Day! Whether you spend the actual day here or gift a Day Pass for a future date, this is an epic idea for your epic love.

1. Soak in a Wood-fired Hot Tub Together

Immerse yourselves in a secluded wood-fired hot tub under a starlit sky. The crackling of the firewood adds ambiance as steam rises around you. Relaxing together, you feel the warmth of the water and the embrace of your partner's arms. Surrounded by nature's tranquility, you share intimate moments and whispered conversations. As you soak in the soothing waters, you feel the stresses of everyday life melt away, leaving only the glow of love between you. With the purchase of a Day Pass, you can book a private 1 hour session in our wood-fired hot tub.

2. Go Skating on Pinus Lake

Gliding hand in hand across the frozen surface of the lake, you feel the exhilarating chill of the winter air against your cheeks. The crisp sound of your skates cutting through the ice echoes across the serene landscape. Snow-capped trees line the shore, creating a picturesque backdrop for your romantic adventure. With each graceful stride, you and your partner share laughter and smiles, lost in the beauty of the moment. Just bring your skates!

3. Winter Forest Bathing

Hand in hand, you traverse the snow-covered forest bathing trail, leaving footprints behind in the pristine powder. The winter sun filters through the trees, casting a soft, golden glow on the landscape. Wrapped in warm layers, you and your partner share quiet moments of connection amidst the tranquility of the snowy forest. With each step, you breathe in the crisp, fresh air, feeling invigorated and alive. As you reach a secluded clearing, you pause to admire the breathtaking beauty of nature and steal a kiss under the gently falling snowflakes. Being present with your loved one is a present worth giving. Snowshoes are available!

4. Infrared Sauna

In the intimate glow of the infrared sauna, you and your partner bask in the soothing warmth together. The gentle heat envelops your bodies, melting away tension and fostering relaxation. As you sit side by side, you feel a sense of closeness and connection deepening with each passing moment. Each Day Pass comes with a 1 hour private infrared sauna session.

5. Play Games Together

Amidst soft candlelight, you and your partner delve into a night of playful competition with your favorite multiplayer video games or two player board games. Laughter and friendly taunts fill the air as you celebrate victories together and console each other in defeat, deepening your connection through shared experiences. With over a hundred board games and almost every video game system you can think of, The Citadel Games Room can help you foster playful competition with your love.

BONUS: Book a Romantic Cabin Getaway!

Why let the fun last only one day when you can stay the night too? Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and retreat to a cozy cabin in the woods for a romantic getaway. Snuggle up by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa, cuddle under a blanket as you watch the snowfall outside, and enjoy intimate conversations by candlelight. Disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other in the peaceful solitude of your winter retreat.

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