Professional Creatives + Patrons

the basics

SUPPORT THE ARTS AND unlock your creative potential while you’re at it. PATRON MEMBERS GAIN UNLIMITED ACCESS TO ALL SOCIAL EVENTS, INCLUDING CHEF’S TABLES, ARTIST MEET-AND-GREETS, PARTIES, LECTURES, AND most importantly, deeply impactful creativity workshops focused on accessing the darker CREVICES of the unconscious. ALL EVENTS IN 2019 TAKE PLACE IN SECRET LOCATION IN King West TORONTO, REVEALED EXCLUSIVELY TO MEMBERS.

the philosophy

Seeing a need for innovative and forward-thinking creative organizations, we have created a space where writers and artists get the tools and resources gained in an MFA program at a small fraction of the price. Pulling on the expertise of founders Robin Richardson and Jaclyn Desforges, along with that of guest mentors and lecturers, Citadel provides not only individualized feedback and career guidance, but also a space for play, exploration, learning, and networking.

The creative community in Canada is stifled in its own established systems, many of which are outdated and without the freedom required for experimental innovation. Citadel is not government funded and so in not beholden to traditional modes of operation. It is our singular goal to create and foster a space that is uniquely intense and original, sparking the creative flame that so many creators feel devoid of in an otherwise homogenized support system. 

We have put our whole hearts and resources into this project and would like to invite you to consider how you would like to be a part of it. You help has the capacity to make a massive impact on our ability to create the strongest possible impact on our members, and thus on their creative contribution to the culture.

Your membership makes it possible for us to offer invaluable resources and GUIDANCE for the country’s hottest up-and-coming writers and artists. In a climate where MFA programs are plunging students into a lifetime of debt, we offer, with your help, EVERYTHING an MFA does at a fraction of the price.


With your annual membership you are ENTITLED to the following:

  • Creativity and accessing the UNCONSCIOUS seminars FOCUSED on unlocking DORMANT creative potential

  • unlimited chef’s table and artist mingle gatherings in a secret urban setting

  • access to quarterly parties, including our pre-launch party on Sept 5th

  • access to all curated sensory experiences

  • Unlimited creative consulting and editorial feedback from our award-winning founders

  • One-on-one meetings with cofounders to discuss the creative direction of our county memberships. we want your insights into the next stages of our venture

  • Quarterly Founder’s picks books and art delivered to your door

  • Ongoing salons, workshop, and artist meet-and-greets

$6000 + HST

SCHOLARSHIP FUND: We are seeking one donor to back a longterm scholarship for writers in need. Find out more about the program here.

large sum angel donors please email to discuss how we can work together during these early stages.