These memberships are limited and selective. To apply, email and set up a meeting. Please introduce yourself and your affiliation. Tell us why you want to be a CITADEL Patron, and what your stake in the arts is.

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Break out of the mundane with connections and experiences tailored to transform

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We reserve six spots per year for established creative spirits who want to be a part of the movement towards a richer literary future in Canada. Instead of merely asking for your sponsorship, we have created an immersive way for you to enjoy the fruits of your support.

CITADEL founder Robin Richardson is the award-winning author of four collections of poetry. She received her MFA at Sarah Lawrence College and has been teaching and mentoring many now-established authors for half a decade. Robin found that Canada lacked the ambition and access to craft and career guidance to achieve world-stage quality. She has made it her mission to cultivate writing within the country, catapulting students not just to publication, but to sustainable greatness. The approach she brings to CITADEL is one of egolessness, of stripping away the desire for praise in favour of the desire to deepen quality of craft and content, to be open and receptive to learning and improvement. No CITADEL member gets away with mediocrity.


Slip into the unconscious

With creative get-aways tailored to transform


  • Rare networking opportunities with access to carefully curated parties with top creatives in the country for you and a guest. Our parties are intimate, fun, and always full of surprises, taking place at various secret locations across the GTA and Prince Edward County.

  • Intimate chef’s table dinners with the founder where you will be filled in regularly on our progress and developments, and will have a chance to share your creative input.

  • Access to highly effective, slightly esoteric creativity seminars, guaranteed to cause a shift in perception and a deepening of understanding and expression.

  • Pairing opportunities with our top-tier members and mentors.

  • Numerous opportunities for creative cross-pollination

  • Listing of your choice on our site, and mention in our publications

  • A write-off! That’s right, our memberships are networking opportunities and are therefor totally tax deductible as a business expense. Fancy that.


Your membership provides CITADEL with the means to launch on a solid foundation. Here are just a few of the integral elements your membership helps put into place.

  • Affordable memberships for emerging writers

  • Payment and stipend for visiting writers from the US and abroad

  • High profile guest speakers

  • Legal fees

  • Accessibility solutions

  • Diversity solutions

  • Contribution to the possible future purchase of a school or retreat for CITADEL to expand into


When I attended my MFA at Sarah Lawrence College I was well aware that I was gaining quick access to knowledge my mentors had spent decades cultivating. I was able to accelerate my learning, connect with peers, and learn to better navigate the literary landscape. What I didn’t get was personalized mentorship ad care for my craft and career on an ongoing basis. In an institutionalized system like the University MFA program, there is a fragmentation between student and teacher which is counterproductive to personalized guidance. I founded CITADEL to create for writers what I wish I’d had: true, wholistic mentorship that takes into account a students individual strengths, weaknesses and overall trajectory.

We’re not just here to help our students write a good sentence or create a believable character. We’re working to extract the spirit, fine tune the voice, and grow an intimate highly effective community; putting writers, publishers, and agents in close contact with one another. Our mentors provide practical information about how to apply for grants, how to behave on social media, to support your fellow writers and grow your community in a healthy, egoless way. Our approach is not only to support the betterment of writing in the country, but the betterment of community and personal growth.

Integrity and authenticity are our pillars. We are not here to stroke the egos of our members, but to crack them open to their full potential in ways which can sometimes be scary or uncomfortable, though always productive.


Located in Prince Edward County, in proximity to Drake Devonshire. We will be buying over an acre of land and developing it from the ground up using sustainable and recycled shipping containers. The structure will sleep up to 8 people, and will be used for one-off events and extended retreats for members.


We currently operate on a very low overhead, spending only the funds we’ve raised through our first twenty members, and running events through a personal location in Parkdale Ontario. Our rough projection is as follows:

We plan to have 50-100 members, the bulk of which will be online.
Begin collaborations with the McLuan Institute.
Aquire land in Prince Edward County - over 1 acre, near water.
Have a team of 6 celebrity mentors

Completion of building a unique shipping container house in the County with an overnight capacity of 8.
Solidify partnership with established Canadian literary institutions towards the collaborative possession and operation of the building.
Begin annual travel retreats by application only.
100-200 members

Move the bulk of memberships to online only with a higher tier for local members who will attend the school
implementation of a certification program for select local members by application and approval

Established school and retreat centre
Global partnerships with institutions like The Drake, Soho House, Transatlantic Agency, Tin House Writers, and the Sarah Lawrence Poetry Festival, among others.
Partnerships with film and television producers in Canada and the US including grants and awards for collaborators.
Operations extend to management as well as mentorship.
Fully automated certification program online.