Urban Membership for Writers

Urban Membership for Writers

2,400.00 every 12 months

Invest in your creative excellence now. This membership will provide all the education, connections and inspiration you need to energize your creative practice and further your literary career over the next twelve months. Supplement — or supplant — the MFA. Payment plan available upon request.


Membership benefits

Here’s exactly what you get with a one-year membership.

Career Planning

  • Kickoff strategy session with either Robin (poetry) or Jaclyn (fiction/CNF/kids’ books), as well as a follow-up session later in the year

Craft Development & Inspiration Cultivation

  • Unlimited access to workshops and seminars (registration required to save your seat)*

  • Exclusive access to our online Vault, which includes in-depth conversations with writers, agents, publishers and arts connoisseurs

  • Access to our members-only lending library of the latest and greatest in Canadian literature

  • One Distance Tarot for Creatives session with Jaclyn -- great for writer’s block!

  • 10-pack of hand-picked art prints by Robin Richardson

Publication Guidance

  • Substantive editing on up to 25 pages of poetry or 40 double-spaced pages of fiction

  • Cover letter and submissions guidance

Creative Community

  • Automatic access to all curated members’ events, including chef’s table dinners, exclusive parties, intimate concerts and lectures

  • One ticket to our Pre-Launch Fundraiser on September 5th 2019, plus 50% off for a guest

  • Automatic full membership acceptance when it becomes available — no application process required


Whenever someone reaches out to me to ask about how to break into poetry, I send them towards Robin Richardson’s workshop first. It’s such an amazing space to share your work and be vulnerable and open to people’s opinion, process, and art.”

— Tea Mutonji, author of Shut Up, You're Pretty

“[Robin’s] keen eye for execution of craft and her ability to see the sincere from the sentimental were instrumental in realizing this collection’s ultimate potential.”

— Douglas Walbourne-Gough, Author of Crow Gulch

“A Robin Richardson mentorship is the kick of reality, inspiration and confidence your work needs!”

— Siobhan Jameson, novel forthcoming with Quattro

Working with Jaclyn has done wonders for both my current project and my overall writing practice. She’s an excellent editor at a sentence level, but she also has a real gift for seeing the larger contours of a project and helping you imagine all the directions it could go. I love that I can think through characters’ trajectories with her, and I always come away from our conversations energized and full of ideas.

From our first conversation, I felt that Jaclyn understood the kind of work I want to do and was passionate about helping me develop my work-in-progress. She has been full of insights about my strengths and fears as a writer, and how to develop a writing practice I actually enjoy.

As part of the coaching process, Jaclyn sends you tailor-made prompts. They’re fun, creative and genuinely helpful. They’ve given me a jolt when I’m stuck and helped me get more comfortable trying new things.

Jaclyn is insightful, warm, thoughtful and thorough. She’s a great ally and mentor for anyone working on a long-term project or trying to move forward with their writing. I can’t sing her praises loudly enough.

- Pauline Holdsworth

It was an absolute joy working with Jaclyn. She was open to weird and strange approaches to fiction and poetry (weirder the better) and that made creating pieces a more flowing and exciting process. Jaclyn’s feedback was supportive and helpful and she was great at understanding what I was trying to do with a piece and when I didn’t necessarily know where a piece was going she was excellent at helping to guide it. She helped find the strengths in each piece and to see where they could be better. A warm and genuine person I enjoyed all our sessions. I’m looking forward to finishing my chapbook and it would not be nearly as good if I hadn’t had her help. I heartily recommend Jaclyn to anyone looking for a writing mentor.

- Sara Patterson


$2400 + HST annually. Custom payment plans available. Upon registration, you’ll receive a welcome package containing everything you need to know to take full advantage of your membership.


Contact info@thecitadelretreat.com for further information.

*Pending availability. Register early to save your seat!