Distance Membership

Distance Membership

1,800.00 every 12 months

A Citadel membership isn’t only for those who live in the GTA. Be a part of our community from wherever you are.


When you first join, you’ll receive a kickoff strategy and goal-setting session over the phone, followed by a set of book recommendations and a package of personalized writing prompts.

Four times a year, you’ll receive a check-in that includes:

  • A strategy call to discuss goal progress, craft concerns and publication questions

  • Substantive edits and feedback on up to 20 pages of poetry or 40 double-spaced pages of fiction

  • A new reading list and set of writing prompts based on your goals

You’ll also receive:

  • One Distance Tarot for Creatives session with Jaclyn

  • A 10-pack of hand-picked art prints by Robin Richardson

  • Exclusive access to our online Vault, which will include in-depth conversations with writers, agents, publishers and arts connoisseurs

  • Free online access to our streamed seminars

$1800 + HST/year.

Bespoke arrangements and payment plans available. Contact us for details.